Law No. 84/2015/QH13 dated June 25, 2015, on occupational safety and hygiene

THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY ——- SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF VIETNAM Independence – Freedom – Happiness ————— Law No. 84/2015/QH13 Hanoi, ... Continue Reading →

Loss of temporary residence card

What should we do to have your lost temporary residence card replaced? Legal bases Ordinance No. 24/1999/PL- UBTVQH 10 on exit, entry and residence of foreigners in Vietnam Decree No. ... Continue Reading →

Formalities to apply for a first temporary residence card

A foreigner, who desires to temporarily live in Vietnam in a year or more, can apply for a 1-year or 3-year temporary residence card from an authorized immigration office of the Ministry ... Continue Reading →

Hiring Foreign Staff in Vietnam: Visas, Work Permits & Temporary Residence Cards

  The number of foreign laborers coming to Vietnam to work has steadily increased in recent years, surging to almost 80,000 workers by the end of 2011. The large majority of foreign ... Continue Reading →


Countries Visa exemption Ác-hen-ti-na (Hiệp định ký ngày 14/9/1999, có hiệu lực từ ngày 13/11/1999):– Miễn thị thực cho người mang HCNG, HCCV với ... Continue Reading →

Expired temporary residence card

What should we do after your temporary residence card expires? What is the procedure for the renewal of your temporary residence card? This article shall guide you to handle an expired ... Continue Reading →

An Giang Province’s Immigration Office

Overview An Giang Province’s Immigration Office carries out the governmental duties of managing the immigration of Vietnamese citizens and foreigners in An Giang according to the ... Continue Reading →

Obtain a temporary residence card with just your passport

A foreigner must obtain a work permit before applying for a temporary residence card. However, a variety of requirements, such as the possession of a university degree and the costly ... Continue Reading →

We affirm that every foreigner in Ho Chi Minh City can obtain his temporary residence card with our service

The headline may sound confusing as “every foreigner in Ho Chi Minh City can obtain his temporary residence card”. Such truth exists for the term “every” refers to a variety ... Continue Reading →

Replacement of foreigner’s temporary residence card

To support the foreigners who desire to replace their Vietnam temporary residence cards, we offer a service for the re-issuance of the foreigner’s temporary residence card. Most of ... Continue Reading →